Get involved 

The SAA continually works to enhance the student experience at Oregon State. Members of SAA coordinate programming like the Homecoming Carnival, Dinner for 12 Beavers and 5 Under 5 to bring together students and alumni.

Becoming a Student Alumni Ambassador is a great way to get connected with campus administrators, alumni and other students while learning valuable professional and leadership skills.

Why join?

  • Outreach: SAA focuses on reaching out to students past, present and future. We create and develop programs that seek to benefit both students and alumni.
  • Leadership: SAA is a great way to get involved on campus and there are several opportunities to engage in leadership roles within the organization. It is a great way to refine your leadership skills.
  • Service: Members will be actively engaged in volunteering for projects hosted by Alumni Association and assisting other student organizations or departments on campus.
  • Friendship: By joining this organization you are bound to find a wonderful group of friends who enjoy what they do for the university.
  • Professionalism: While you will surely have fun as a member of the SAA, you will also learn many skills transferable to life after college. We ask a lot of our members and challenge each other to be professional. You will learn proper etiquette, networking skills, time management and event planning skills. The variety of experiences that SAA provides will make you a great candidate for a job and prepare you for the future.

Contact Allie Frey, Vice President of Membership,, for questions regarding SAA membership.

Apply now to be a Student Alumni Ambassador.

The Student Alumni Ambassadors encourage all undergraduate students from every major and background to apply. If you are interested in working to connect students past, present and future, SAA may be for you! SAA seeks to recruit new members each fall term.