Who are the Student Alumni Ambassadors?

Student Alumni Ambassadors is a group of current students dedicated to maintaining campus traditions, networking students with alumni and developing leadership. We strive to enhance and promote the Beaver community while creating lifelong relationships here at Oregon State University.


Isn’t your organization only for alumni? I haven’t graduated yet!

Actually, you are considered an officialalumna/alumnae of OSU after successfully completing 45 credits. Getting students familiar with being future alumni also just makes good sense. SAA is all about connecting students with alumni to enhance the Beaver community and provide valuable networking opportunities. We also recognize that as students of OSU, we have a lifelong interest in the university, wanting to promote its success and to stay connected as students and graduates. I don’t have a lot of time next year. Can I be involved? SAA hosts events throughout the year that are open to all current OSU students. For students looking to develop leadership skills, there is the opportunity to serve on the various SAA committees and to apply for an open position on the SAA council. It is up to you and your schedule to determine how much time and energy you would like to commit. Like most opportunities worth joining, the more you put into, the more you get out of it!


I’m really hoping for career advancement.  What networking opportunities do you offer?

All students have the opportunity to attend events sponsored by SAA to meet various OSU alumni. Check out our events page to see what is coming up in the future to help you with career opportunities. Looking for something hands on? During winter term 2015 we will host Backpack to Briefcase workshop where students can meet alumni and community members while learning hands-on skills for life after OSU. Have other ideas of activities that seem to fit your interest? Join the professional development committee to help plan new and exciting networking events for the year!