Joining the alumni association is one of the most meaningful and easiest ways to support OSU.

Support Students

OSUAA members are a crucial link between the students of yesterday and today. Together, alumni support programs such as the Student Alumni Association, one of OSU's most valuable student-led organizations. The SAA provides:

  • Leadership training. Student directors make nearly all of their decisions for SAA from planning Homecoming to marketing the group to their peers to recruiting new student volunteers.
  • Networking opportunities. Each term, the SAA hosts a variety of events designed to bring alumni and students together for mentoring and networking sessions.
  • Real world lessons. The Backpack to Briefcase series of SAA events teaches student skills they'll need when they graduate, from job interviewing to car maintenance to choosing insurance and much more.

Strengthen the OSU Network

When you graduate from OSU, it's not just you against the world. You become one of more than 170,000 Oregon Staters worldwide. When you join the OSU Alumni Association, you are in the inner circle, doing your part to make the OSU network stronger every day.

The support of members allows us to connect Beavers with each other, with the university, and with OSU businesses and enterprises. The alumni association provides career-development resources and networking opportunities wherever Oregon Staters live and work.

Build Distinction and Pride in OSU

One of the most important things we can all do to support OSU is to tell the stories of the university. If you've ever recommended that a high school student check out OSU, shared an interesting OSU news article with a colleague, or even bragged about one of our sports teams, you're building pride in the school. Oregon Staters tend to be humble as a group, but the great things happening at OSU aren't a secret anymore.

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