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Career events

We host and partner with others to bring you events that further your career and professional development. Events include webinars, career fairs and networking gatherings. These are offered both in person and virtually. Visit our event listing to find an opportunity relevant to you.

Beaver Careers Group on LinkedIn

Linked In - Beaver Careers Group

Connect with Oregon State alumni, faculty and staff for career advice, discussions and networking. This LinkedIn group is growing fast and is a partnership among many OSU colleges and departments. Beaver Careers Group is open to current Oregon State students, faculty, staff and alumni. In order to preserve the quality of the group, your affiliation with Oregon State will be verified before access is allowed. Current staff, faculty and students should utilize the or ONID email address in order to expedite access. You can expect your request to be approved within 24 hours. These tips can help get you started on LinkedIn:
  • Your Oregon State education is an excellent place to start building your LinkedIn profile.
  • Highlight your degree, field of expertise, activities, campus affiliations, etc.
  • Connect with other alums who share your career objectives.
  • Start a discussion about career trends.  

Please read over the group rules to help make this group a powerful resource for you and other Beavers.

Campus partner resources

Beaver Careers and Job Board
Beaver Careers is OSU Career Development Center's online career management system and is a great way for students and alumni to get started in a job search. You can connect with employers from a variety of organizations as well as from locations around the country and around the world. You also have access to great career development resources:

  • SIGI3 Career and Self-Assessment Tool
  • InterviewStream is an interactive online video-based practice interviewing tool which uses a webcam to record your practice interview.
Beaver Careers is available to OSU students, alumni, faculty, staff and outside employers.

Career Development Center
Did you know the OSU Career Development Center offers alumni the same great services it provides to students? All services are free for one full year after graduation. After one year, all but the Career Consultation services are free and available to alumni, including:

Are you about to embark on a job search?
Beaver Careers offers a great checklist to guide you from making a list of jobs that interest you all the way to negotiating your salary.