Spring 2017 Oregon Stater

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Spring inserts

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Focus cover
Focus: College of Forestry
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Starker Forests: Deep roots in Oregon forestry
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Impact cover
Impact: College of Science
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Warm oceans need cool science.
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Leading Edge cover
Leading Edge: College of Liberal Arts
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Transforming space and experience
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Momentum cover
Momentum: College of Engineering
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Honoring engineers
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Synergies cover
Synergies: College of Public Health and Human Sciences
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They don't call it "home ec" any more.
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Cover story

Woman helping resident
Aubree's story: How it looks when it all works out
An internship - a key component of the university's Student Success Initiative - helps one student complete her OSU degree ready for immediate professional success. Barely 60 percent of OSU freshmen complete their degrees in six years, and the university seeks to improve that by making sure more students have experiences (like internships) that lead to graduation.

Student Success Initiative

Also featured:

OSU women v Stanford
Fans fill Gill for champs
Beaver women set records, earning honors and historically strong fan support.

Front section
Front section
Letters, brag points, a quiz, the new provost, an attempt to catch a moon shadow: It's all here, with more.

Ed Said
Ed Said: Get ready for OSU150
President Ray hopes - for your sake and the university's - that you're one of the people who are eager to be inspired by accomplishments and lessons from the past.

robot walks in woods
Meet Cassie
OSU scientists and a spinoff company are making robots that can go where humans go..

College of Business
Redefining the B-School experience
A special section from the College of Business describes innovations intended to prepare graduates for a rapidly changing economy.

Outreach and Engagement
Outreach & Engagement
Solving real-world problems with applied research is the goal.

OSUAA section
Alumni association section
Executive director discusses the benefits of alignment with the OSU Foundation; alumni and friends receive high honors; a student volunteer tells his story.

Trysting Tree golf
Looking Back: Trysting Tree course turns 30
A look at the philanthropic roots and bright future of a golf course that supports the university.

Terra - Arctic
Terra in the Stater
Warming in the Arctic, other topics are covered in excerpts from OSU's award-winning research magazine.

sports section
The new AD is eager to go; Beaver baseball heals and thrives, football has its spring in late winter and a student athlete faces depression.

Of Note
Of Note
New lifetime members listed; alumni news celebrated; friends and alumni passings noted; a new career column launches; loyal Beavers profiled.