Multi-city OSU Community Day of Service 

On May 17, alumni and friends of OSU took the community service spirit of Beaver Nation to the streets and made a difference. A group in Idaho visited with and assisted veterans at the Idaho State Veterans Home, Beavers in Cottage Grove, Oregon volunteered at Harrison Elementary School and in the Portland, Oregon area alone there were nine projects! These are just examples of the great work alumni and friends of OSU did in their communities over the weekend.  We thank you!  
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Log Hours

Did you donate your time on May 17 through another project or on your own? Your time still counts! Log your hours here and let us know what you did and for how long.


If you don't have time to give, but want to help grow the OSU network and support OSU students? We will put your money to work! Donations towards the Excellence Fund support the OSUAA Mission and programs/events like this. 

Want to lead a project on May 16, 2015?
The most successful projects are ones where there is a personal connection to the site and the lead volunteer. That connection leads to a drive to make a difference and that drive inspires others to participate. 

That day, not only are you helping to make a difference in your community and improving a favorite park or helping out a community service organization, Beavers reconnect, network, find leads for jobs and start long-lasting relationships not only with each other, but with that project site.  Memories are created and shared. One volunteer in Sitka, Alaska, kept her group entertained with stories of the “old days” on campus as they cleaned, cataloged and reorganized items at the Sitka Sound Science Center during the 2014 OSU Community Day of Service.  It’s that Beaver spirit that keeps alumni coming back year after year - they love it and our communities love it. 

Are you with an organization that needs volunteers or do you want to lead a project in your area?  Click here for information on getting started.

Project Sites 
Click on a link below to see a list of projects from 2014 near you. May of these sites will be available again in 2015.

Portland, OR (Metro Area)
Oregon  (all of Oregon except Portland metro area)
Other U.S. & World Projects (Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington D.C. and more!)

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