OSU Alumni Staff Directory

General Contact Information
OSUAA Main Line: 541-737-2351
Toll free: 1-877-OSTATER
Email: osualum@oregonstate.edu

Kathy Bickel
Vice President of Alumni Relations, Oregon State University
Executive Director, OSU Alumni Association
Phone: 541-737-7845
Email: Kathy.Bickel@oregonstate.edu

Christi Kasten - 1986
Senior Associate Executive Director
Phone: 541-737-7857
Email: Christi.Kasten@oregonstate.edu
Hilary Ely Hilary Ely
Executive Assistant
Phone: 541-737-7904
Email: Hilary.Ely@oregonstate.edu

Kate Sanders
Administrative Program Director
Email: Kate.Sanders@oregonstate.edu
Janet McKensey

Janet McKensey - 1979
Accounting Technician
Phone: 541-737-7856
Email: Janet.McKensey@oregonstate.edu

Leslie Keaton
Bookkeeping Technician
Phone: 541-737-7846
Email: Leslie.Keaton@oregonstate.edu
Ben Danley Ben Danley - 1993
Director of Business Development
Phone: 541-737-2755
Email: Ben.Danley@oregonstate.edu
Richelle Hayes Richelle Hayes - 1996
CH2M HILL Alumni Center Director
Phone: 541-737-7849
Email: Richelle.Hayes@oregonstate.edu
Mike Mathews Mike Mathews
Facilities and Events Manager - CH2M HILL Alumni Center
Phone: 541-737-1253
Email: Mike.Mathews@oregonstate.edu
Shannon Morgan, 2013
Facility and Events Supervisor - CH2M HILL Alumni Center
Phone: 541-737-8368
Email: Shannon.Morgan@oregonstate.edu
Cameron Stamper, 2013
Facility and Events Supervisor - CH2M HILL Alumni Center
Phone: 541-737-7852
Email: Cameron.Stamper@oregonstate.edu

Customer Service Representative
Phone: 541-737-2351
FAX: 541-7373481
Email: OSUalum@oregonstate.edu
  Alumni Programs
Julie Schwartz Julie Schwartz
Associate Executive Director - Alumni Programs
Phone: 541-737-7916
Email: Julie.Schwartz@oregonstate.edu
Amy Austinson
Amy Austinson - 1997
Regional Program Director
Phone: 541-737-8883
Email: Amy.Austinson@oregonstate.edu
Steven Brantley
Steven Brantley - 2013
Program Assistant
Phone: 541-737-9678
Email: Steven.Brantley@oregonstate.edu

Kari Christensen
Regional Network Director
Phone: 503-553-3431
Email: Kari.Christensen@oregonstate.edu

Suzanne Flores - 2005 and 2007
Regional Network Director
Alumni Diversity Coordinator
Phone: 503-553-3420
Email: Suzanne.Flores@oregonstate.edu
Michelle Rucker
Michelle Rucker - 2011
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 541-737-7853
Email: Michelle.Rucker@oregonstate.edu
  Marketing and Communication
Courtney Ball Courtney Ball
Membership Analyst
Phone: 541-737-7861
Email: Courtney.Ball@oregonstate.edu
Ann Kinkley Ann Kinkley - 1977
Associate Editor, Oregon Stater
Phone: 541-737-7851
Email: Ann.Kinkley@oregonstate.edu
Angela McBride
Angela McBride
Associate Director - Marketing
Phone: 541-737-7859
Email: Angela.McBride@oregonstate.edu
Kevin Miller Kevin Miller - 1978
Editor, Oregon Stater
Manager of Alumni Communications
Phone: 541-737-0780
Email: Kevin.Miller@oregonstate.edu