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Cover story
Stater Cover
A well-crafted brew of science & passion

OSU-trained fermentation scientists with a passion for making the perfect brew are sought by beer-makers large and small, around the world. Features, other highlights

Snow on MU Quad

A blanket of memories
An early February snowfall - the heaviest on campus in more than two decades - canceled classes for two days and left this year's students with stories to tell their grandchildren.

Mourning Beth Ray, etc.
Campus news
Mourning our first lady; new engineering dean; letters; President Ray says be smart, not scared; Pop Quiz on women who made university history; five alumni honored with top awards from university, foundation, alumni association; construction equipment as social media celebrity

Imperial Stock Ranch
An Imperial idea
The Beaver-owned Imperial Stock Ranch helped clothe U.S. Olympians in Russia, but that's just a tiny bit of what's important about the Carvers' massive high-desert spread.

brewing students
A well-crafted brew of science & passion
OSU-trained fermentation scientists with a passion for making the perfect brew are sought by beer-makers large and small, around the world.

OSU-Cascades site

New home in Bend
A look at the proposed site of the four-year campus for OSU-Cascades

The Campaign for OSU
Campaign update
News from The Campaign for OSU

MU bowling
The MU alley
A lot of us found it by accident while wandering the MU as puzzled freshmen, but the alley down below is still how many Beavers roll.

Kathy Bickel column and awards story

Alumni association news
Director's letter; events calendar; new regional staff and a Day of Service reminder

Bob De Carolis
De Carolis & Riley, plus three projects in the works

Class Notes
Class Notes
New life members; Beavers to remember; two alumni profiles; Pop Quiz answers (no cheating)
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