When a new freshman steps on campus for the first time, it's the opening of an important new chapter in his or her life. University students are exposed to new ideas, new cultures,  and, possibly most life-changing, new people. Many of the relationships we develop in college, both romantic and platonic, are lifelong and powerful.

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Shirley gets a Shmoo♥ LLoyd & Shirley ♥

Although I met my future wife at OSU in 1977 and married her in 1978, this story is about my parents who met at OSU in 1948, married in 1950 and celebrated 58 years together before Mom's death in Feb. 2009. The story is too long to tell here so I will e-mail it to you separately. I call it "Shirley gets a Shmoo". Read the full story here.


♥ Jackie & Milo ♥

Milo Wright Grubb and I met in 1953 when we were both OSC students. Despite a missed fraternity dinner, a changed hairstyle, and an arrest that resulted in a $400 fine, we managed to survive the first two weeks of our relationship. Our first date almost did not happen, because of a misunderstanding about going to dinner at his fraternity house before attending the Military Ball. I thought the ball was the date. I didn’t realize Milo was planning to take me out to dinner beforehand. And so I had gone off to Salem and been to the hairdresser for a new hairstyle. Jackie & Milo Date 2My parents dropped me off at the Delta Gamma house just as he was walking out the door. He had been waiting for me for an hour and a half. Then, because of my new hairstyle, he was not sure it was me. I didn’t think he would ask me out again, but he did not know of anyone else to invite to his Sigma Phi Epsilon house dance the following weekend. It was a good thing that he called to invite me on Tuesday, because on Wednesday, he got arrested. A fraternity brother named Don had borrowed Milo’s hunting license, deer tag, and rifle a week or two before. Then when Don went out, a warden stopped him for hunting in a restricted area. When Don handed over Milo’s license, the warden asked what the middle initial “W” stood for. Don guessed wrong: “William.” After the state house noticed the discrepancy, a big police officer came to the Sig Ep house and arrested Milo and Don. Between them they were fined $400. Today, that would be well over $3,000. The story was picked up by the Associated Press, and several West Coast newspapers ran it with the headline “William wasn’t Wright.” Thanks to the marriage course I was taking from Dr. Lester Kirkendall that semester, though, I was able to see that marriage to Milo would work out well. And indeed it did. We got married during spring vacation when we were seniors in 1955 and marched through graduation together that June. Milo passed on shortly after Valentine’s Day in 1992. He would have put it this way: We were happily married for 35 years – and 35 out of 37 years is not a bad average. By Jackie Prall Grubb, OSC class of 1955.


♥ Mike & Chris ♥

Mike & ChrisWe met in 1972 - Oregon State's Student Health Center - Mike had gone against the Crew coach's orders and had torn his knee while skiing - Chris worked in the Physical Therapy Department at the Health Center. We met on a Thursday and went out that Saturday - Mike had surgery and continued Physical Therapy until he was able to get back into a boat for his Senior year on the Crew team. We were married in 1973 - Mike came back to Corvallis to be the Assistant Crew coach, Chris was able to work as the trainer for the Freshman Crew team as part of her studies in Physical Therapy. We stayed in Corvallis until 1975 - then Bellevue Washington, Reno, Nevada, San Jose California and finally Petaluma California - we got back to campus every year - we have been able to time our trips to see the cherry blossoms several times - we have kept in touch with the Crew team over the years - both National referees for the sport and now we are photographers - and Chris does videos for the sport for the national website - "row2k" - we consider Oregon State to be the best possible start to our lives together - a joy to have something good come out of a potentially bad situation - we appreciate every one of the 40 years that we have had together - we look forward to many more. Photo taken on our hotel terrace with the Ferry Building in San Francisco.


♥ Nancy & Dan ♥

I was a sophomore living in Sackett D, and Dan Morrow was a freshman living in Sackett B. I was dating a guy who lived across the hall from Dan, and I met Dan through my then boyfriend. During that year, the three of us did everything together. Dan admitted to falling in love with me and even asked me to leave my boyfriend! I thought of Dan as my best friend only. We left for the summer, I broke up with my boyfriend, and upon return to OSU, Dan and I met up again. We started dating and after a month we got engaged! We got married on August 29, 1987, in Corvallis. I went on to graduate in 1988 and Dan graduated in 1989. We have been happily married for 25 years this year. I was 3rd generation Oregon Stater when I went, and Dan was first generation. We both agree that OSU was the reason we met so we do have a lifelong love connection. Now, our daughter (who's a junior in high school) wants to attend OSU because we've raised her as a Beaver, even though we told her she could choose whatever school fit her area of study best. OSU is going to do that, and she said she doesn't want to go anywhere else. As for friends, I met a young man during our freshmen year who became a dear friend that year, and we are still to this day close friends. Our families are close even though we live in different states now. As I stated earlier, I'm 3rd generation Oregon Stater and have two brothers who played basketball and football for OSU, and a sister who ran on the track team for a year. OSU is like a second home to me and one I'm very proud of.


♥ Marc & Kelly ♥

Marc & KellyKelly Melton (class of 91) and Marc Welker (class of 90) met in Bloss Hall in 1988. They recently celebrated 20 years of marriage and have been together for a total of 25 years. All of their siblings are OSU graduates and of course the only option for all of their children are to be future BEAVERS! Oregon State holds a special place in our hearts!


♥ Heidi & Lindsay ♥

Heidi & LindayEvery day when I drive over the bay to work, I glance to my right and see the magnificent metropolis of San Francisco, California. Fogged in or gleaming in the sun, the city always reminds me of how I first fell in love with my best friend Lindsay. In 2005, I was a naive freshman from Eugene, Oregon and didn’t have very many friends. Trying to make a connection for myself on such a big campus such as Oregon State was tough at first. Luckily I was encouraged to try out for choir. I was nervous and scared but it ended up being the best decision of my Oregon State career. Later that 2006 spring, one of the Oregon State acapella singing groups made it to the regional competition down in California. A few of the choir members decided they were going to take a road trip down to San Francisco to support the group. I gladly joined. Our weekend 10 hour trek down south resulted in a few of us exploring the city before the show. Navigating the streets of San Francisco for approximately four hours on foot, with a map (the days before GPS on our smart phones) and a thriving spirit for adventure, Lindsay and I bonded. I had met her before, through mutual friends, and I am sure she and I would have eventually connected, but that city and that trip was our catalyst. I do not have enough space to write about all the crazy, odd, and fun situations Lindsay and I have experienced. Oregon coast trips, attending Oregon State events, camping trips, and enjoying the great city of Corvallis, we have done so much together. She instilled in me my deep appreciation for Oregon microbrews, for Oregon State’s beautiful campus and so much more. I am forever grateful for her and how she made my Oregon State experience unforgettable. Now living in different cities, we try to chat as much as we can. Often our conversations end up reminiscing about Oregon State: the glamor of Reser’s home turf, the pristine presence of the Memorial Union, and how we never would have thought we could miss the Peacock Bar and Grill so much. Although these memories make me sad at times, they remind me of how much I love Oregon State and how I am truly indebted to Lindsay who made my Oregon State experience grand. I will always be a die hard Beaver from now and forever. I love you Linz!


♥ Michelle & Stephen ♥

Michelle & StephenLuckily, after break I started Biology 212 and met my friend in lab. Out of all the tables available in the very empty classroom, my friend unknowingly sat right next to Stephen. With a huge smile on my face, I quickly walked to Stephen, stuck out my hand and said, “Hi!! I’m Michelle!” (I even forgot to say hi to my friend!). A few labs went by and we became friends, worked together in lab and even studied outside the classroom. One evening close to Valentines Day, I cleverly announced in front of all my friends and asked Stephen if he wanted a kiss. With a red face, Stephen was speechless- until I handed him the Hershey’s chocolate. Thanks OSU for bringing us together again- who knows if we would have ever met! We will be celebrating our second anniversary February 16th, 2012.

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♥ Harriet & George ♥

Harriet & George 60th Anniversary Party George was attending OSC after returning from WWII living in an apt., driving a little 1936 Plymoth Coupe to Sheridan every week-end, when I met a classmate of his at an MU Dance. I had wanted to get back home, but no way, So I gave my phone # to his classmate when I found out George was driving home often. George called and took me home to see my folks and little sister who was 2 yrs. old at the time, who I had missed so much. George kept taking me home, invited me to a Fernhoppers Ball and we fell in love, Have been married 65 years last Sept. 7th. All 4 of our children have attended Oregon State.


♥ Bob & Barbara ♥

Bob & Barbara I was a Thane and helping move freshman girls into Waldo when I met Barbara Hayden. I was smitten, but it took me a long time to get a date with her. I pinned her (Beta) in the middle of the Quad at the Miami Triad. We were married in 1955, both graduated and she put me through medical school. We celebrated our 50th anniversary by getting married again and she wore the same wedding dress!! We had 8 of the original attendants at the ceremony! We enjoy our 3 children and 7 grandchildren all living close by.


♥ ? & Jeanne ♥

Jeanne and I were married in June 1956. I had two years of college at the time, Lower Columbia in Longview Wshington. we moved to The Dalles, Oregon where I worked on The Dalles Dam as a surveyor. At the time I thought I was making a good living, but we both wanted me to finish college and get my degree in Civil Engineeering at Oregon State College, which we ahd heard was one of the best engineering schools. However Jeanne became pregant and instead of returning to school that fall as planned, we decised to lay out a year, have the baby and save some money to tide us over during the school year, even though Jeanne planned on working. As the year went by, the company moved me into the office to perform additional engineering tasks, gave me a raise and talked about my futrue with the company. So when summer came even though I had been accepted at the Scool of Engineering, I became somewhat reticent about returning to schol that fall. I had a good job with what I thought had a future, and the thought of putting my family through two years of strugle financially didn;t in my mind make much sence. At the time I did not think school was a practical option. Jeanne and I did not discuss this, but I assumed when the time came, we would and we would opt to continue working. Jeanne had other ideas. Sometime early September, on a Sunday,I would get out of bed around 8:00 AM usually to the smell of bacon frying and the coffee brewing. Not this Sunday. My first thought was Jeanne probably had done to the store for some addtional items for breakfast. I got up and went into the kitchen and as suspected found no one. There was a note on the dinette table, which read, " Lou, cynthia (our daughter) and I have gone to Corvallis, as soon as we arrive, I will look for and rent us an apartment. Tomorrow I will begin to look for a job. School starts in three weeks we hoe you will come and join us.I will call as soon as we get settled." Jeanne was again pregnant, but did not tell me until I had arrived and had enrolled in the school of civil engineering. She worked until our second child was born in May 1958. She took the summer off but resumed working that fall, we graduated in th June 1959. My work has taken me to several states including Alaska. We had to move often during our early married years, but I never heard jeanne complain about having to leave her new found friends that she had just made. she treated our life as an adventure convincing the children the new places we would call home would broaden their horizens. We celebrated our 55th wedding aniversary this last June. And by the way Jeanne is a very beautiful personaly and physically.


♥ Bruce & Wife ♥

I had just been released from the US Navy and went to pay my respects to the widow of one of my high school classmates who was killed in Vietnam. Later we started dating and eventually got married and have been married 44 years.


♥ Tim & ? ♥

I went to High school with this lady the jounior year in College got reconnected with her. She drove to Corvallis spent nice weekend there with me. I saw attacked to her, never told her. in 1980 she married some one else. Big mistake, in 2004, she contacted me, flew back to Pennsylvania, we spent 3 days together getting re- aquainted. she told me how bad her marriage had been. I told her if I could marry her, I would right now. she flew back to Oregon, we have kept in contact since. I told her I had been in love with her since 1974, but never told her. she looked surprised but she understood how I felt about her. I have asked her to marry me not long ago, her reply, not yet. I am hopeful (side note, when I was born I had large birthmark on my face so it was difficult to get close to anyone, but today since 3 surgerys in 1987, 1989,1991 i look more normal, so I can express my feelings much easier, To this lady, she never even noticed my birthmark, but I did)

♥ Janet & ? ♥

College in the late 1960’s was not an easy thing to do. You had to decide whether you were pro or anti war; pro or anti nuclear power; pro Black Panthers; beatnik or not. Parents were pit against children; draft dodgers against draftees; women’s rights activists against traditionalists. FBI agents came looking for some of my draft dodger friends.
As an undergrad, I found it easier to do much of my studying in the library. I still remember the chair and table at which I spent so many hours, and the window through which I looked to break. It took years of trial and error to figure out who I was. Then in Grad school at OSU in the 1970’s, amidst all the other confusion, and due to the rules in force at that time allowing non-national grad students to enroll at the same price as nationals, I found myself to be the only American grad student in my department. Coming from a theoretical undergrad course of study on the East coast, I was delighted with the down-to-earth practicality of the OSU curricula.
I treasured the grounds - the magnificent trees and spring flowers were a source of peace. Even that most-measured mound perpetually swarming with topography students, was reassuring. I was beginning to understand that I could possibly be who I really was; that there was hope that I could use my brain without abandoning what I had learned from my family.
There was this guy whom I saw studying regularly in the library; once again I had found solace there. Then I learned that this guy was also a regular at church. Pretty conservative for the times and for my current mental confusion. We met at Lum Lee’s, then a favorite hangout in town. While we were dating our friends told us it would never last because we spent so much time arguing.
Thirty-six years, four children, and two grandchildren later we are still arguing. He allows me to “Getup; stand up for my rights”. In spite of being disowned by my family (he is black African and I am white), we have managed to contribute to the African Development Bank, to a local NGO clinic training health care workers, to a hotel training school, to the start up of an American curricula University in francophone West Africa, and to a church group. We have come to terms with my family.
Somehow OSU was the place I was supposed to be at that time. It somehow blended my need to find myself with my need to DO something. OSU created the climate for me to be happy and move forward to do what I needed to do. I had professors who were tolerant of my ways, and of the many glass pipettes I broke in the lab. I remember thinking when I left, looking at the receding mountains, that I must be crazy to leave such a beautiful setting. But I know now that I am where I am supposed to be.


♥ Susan & Mark ♥

Susan & MarkIn spring term of my sophomore, I had to have my appendix out and missed most of the first few weeks of the term. When I was back, I came into a computer science class a few minutes late and sat down at the back of the room. I was next to a very good-looking guy and asked him what I had missed. He told me and then we chatted (when we should have been listening!) during the rest of the class and hit it off really well. At the end, we both stood up and he looked at me and said "I think I love you! You're not taller than me!" (He's not tall). I was embarrased but loved it. We walked out and headed in the same direction. I was in Buxton Hall and he was in Poling, right next door! I had some friends on his dorm floor and asked them about Mark. They said "be careful, he's a wolf", but of course, I didn't care. We started dating and never went out with another person after that. We were married in June, 1977 when I graduated and will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in June of this year. We both have a strong bond with OSU and love the Beavers! My husband (1979), our son (2005), my sister and his sister (both 1979) are all alums and hopefully our new grandson will be in the class of 2033. We both bleed orange and black and will be associated with OSU as long as we are able. The reasons are many-a great education, Beaver football, fun events, but mainly because we found our love there.


♥ Bob & Theresa ♥

My wife, Theresa Kirsch, '84, and I met in the ski class during the winter of 1983. By the end of the term, we were dating and 3 years later we married. We now have a senior son at OSU.


♥ Linda & Husband ♥

Once upon a time their were two 18 years old's from the state of Oregon who moved into Cauthorn Hall at OSU in the fall of 1980. Within the first few weeks of starting their college career they stumbled upon each other in the stairwell of their beloved dorm. Soon studying in the lounge was a nightly ritual where these two freshman started to get to know each other. The young lady was also in a sorority and her first big dance was coming up, so...she asked the young man to accompany her to her house dance which was only 5 weeks into the term. He said yes. They went. That's it. These two dated for all their years at college...graduated from OSU then got married soon after. This was 26 years ago! Now their daughter is at OSU. And they all lived happily ever after...wearing orange and black and cheering on the Beavers every chance they get. Not...The End!


♥ Bob & Lisa ♥

In 1977, I was a first year grad student in Chemistry living in Beaver Lodge. At a function with Azalea House, I asked a young lady for a glass of water. We started a conversation that was alright. I screwed up my courage and asked her on a date and she accepted! For our first date, we went to the Chemistry Department picnic. As we met people at the picnic, they all asked us how long we had been married. Awkward! Lisa and I got through that night and our love grew. When I got done with my degree we got married and this year wil be our 29th anniversary. We have three beautiful daughters and are life long Beaver fans and still have lots of Benny and Betty Beaver friends. Go Beav's!


♥ Erin & Bill ♥

Bill and I met our sophomore year in the fall of '83. We both lived in houses across the street from each other on 16th and Harrison. He lived with 4 other guys (in what became known as "the Brick Palace") and I lived with 2 other girls and 3 guys in the house across the street. We all became good friends that year, attending lots of parties, movies, football games, and basketball games. Did I mention the parties? *wink* Anyway, we started dating that spring ('84), followed by several years of on again/off again drama. Then finally got married 12 years later in '96. All our college friends were in attendance, as we have stayed friends with the "gang" all these years! We live in the Portland area these days, but still go down for a couple of home games a year to cheer on the Beavs. We even try to attend an away game every year, which is always a blast! When we go down for the home games, we always try to park on 16th street so we can see the old houses, and reminisce as we cross the campus. Good times, for sure, both past and present!


♥ Gabrielle & Husband ♥

My husband and I met in 1995 - 7 years after I graduated from OSU and 3 years after he graduated. We were both at OSU in the 1987-88 academic year. It wasn't love at first sight, but it was love after 2nd date. Not long after that we started comparing notes on our time at Oregon State. Turns out we had a class together - Sex Ed, spring term 1988. We didn't meet then, but surely it was meant to be!


♥ Ron & ? ♥

Ron & ?In 1988 I was taking a broadcasting class in Snell. I had been doing KBVR things for two years at that point so most of what we were learning in class was remedial for me, so the professor had me assisting the class, running the VTRs. My buddy Sean was down there and a blonde came on the monitor. He started in critiquing her. I interrupted him to say, "Yeah, but look at her. She's beautiful!" I was transfixed...and have been ever since that day.


♥ Marcie & Family ♥

I met my future sister-in-law in art class. She told me she sat next to me because I was wearing a cat sweatshirt. She figured I had to be harmless! When I got to know her, I knew she was totally my brother's type. She was blond, petite and had a quirky sense of humor. She had no interest in being "set up" with someone though. Who knew that they would meet on their own through their respective co-op's and Campus Crusade? My brother and I ran into her after a football game and he couldn't believe I knew her as he was interested but nervous to ask her out. He finally did and the rest is history. They got married in 1999 and have three adorable girls. On top of it, they loved their time in Corvallis so much, they moved back where he is a counselor at Corvallis High School. I'm so happy she is part of our family!


♥ Christopher and Kelly ♥

I used to do a radio show at KBVR-FM called the 'Happy Death Ritual', which was followed by the Hardcore Show. Some nights I would stay late after my show to chat with Kelly, the Hardcore deejay. We became friends and she joined the staff as co-music director with me. We started going to shows in Portland together often, spending much time in the car chatting on the way up and back. When I finished school in March I was going to drive to Colorado for the summer after spending some time in Europe. The day before I left Kelly told me she liked me as more than a friend. We began a long distance relationship via mail and a couple of road trips, then I moved back to Corvallis in October and stayed with her until she defended her thrsis and we moved to Portland. We got married in January and recently celebrated our 17th anniversary.


♥ Lisa & David ♥

"Here you go, Lisa," said a bystander as he rolled a volleyball to me during an OSU practice that was being held at Langton Hall. As I hustled back into the drill line, I asked an upperclassman to identify that strange man. "He knew my name!" I exclaimed. Years later I learned about David Lee Bateham's first statement after seeing me. "I'm going to marry that girl!" A deep connection grew into a beautiful relationship. Dave and I were involved with OSU volleyball since 1983 either as a player, assistant volunteer coach, or as scorekeeper and libero tracker. Our son and daughter spent many hours inside Gill, running around during practices and being ball kids during matches. Even though we left in 2007 to support our daughter's volleyball career and our son's running career, OSU volleyball lives in our hearts, and Gill Coliseum will forever be another home. Sadly, Dave passed away in December of 2011. The support our family received from the community was heartfelt and moving. I feel very grateful to have had the OSU experiences as a student-athlete as well as a member of the OSU community. Thank you for the memories.

♥ Megan & Husband ♥

Megan & HusbandMy husband and I met my first week of college, September of '95, in the basement of Chi Phi fraternity. Their house was having a party, and I was there visiting some old friends from high school. We started dating right away. We were married in June of 1999, and have lived happily ever after!


♥ Katie & Chris ♥

Katie & ChrisMy husband was the first boy I talked to at Oregon State University. It was bid night and I had just gotten my sorority bid. I found out I was in the same sorority as my best friend from elementary school. I was a good girl and I followed all the rules. The rules were not to speak to others which sorority you were going to rush with anyone because it may sway your decision making. I got my third choice sorority and my best friend got her second choice so it was truly meant to be that we would end up in the same house. The other rule I followed was that I did not attend any parties or talk with any boys during rush week because we were told boys would sway our decisions. So on bid night my best friend couldn't wait to see her boyfriend but we were not allowed to walk on fraternity property until midnight so my friend persuaded me to walk around the block til we saw her boyfriend. Lo and behold, on our third time around the block out came my friend's boyfriend with my future husband following him. We all started talking and I thought "wow what a cute guy". We talked and a friendship and romance blossomed that night and continued strong for three years. We became engaged the end of my sophomore year and married the summer of my junior year because Chris, my husband, was a year older and in Air Force ROTC. So the summer of his senior year, Chris graduated, got commissioned, and married all in afour week span. After we married we actually moved in to the sorority house during the summer so I could take summer classes and we could house sit. Then in the Fall of 1997 I actually moved back to Sigma Kappa married and rushed because I had one term to finish and living in the sorority was cheaper than an apartment at that time. Chris had to move to McChord AFB to start his AF career. At our wedding which had over 350 people including both of our sorority and fraternity houses, everyone said I wouldn't go back to OSU once we married but I proved them wrong. My education was important to both of us and I had to finish my degree. The time we spent at OSU flew by but we had so much fun, meeting life long friends, enjoying the beautiful campus and all OSU had to offer. I never had a car at OSU but you do not need one. I walked everywhere even to Lyons if I wanted to eat out or to Fred Meyers to ge the essentials. The town was adorable. I worked three years for the Boys and Girls Club afterschool program. I enjoyed every minute. Fourteen and half years later, Chris Brady and I are still happily married. We have four beautiful children, he is a Lt. Col select in the Air Force, and we still share great love and happy memories of our time at OSU. We hope someday soon to be there enjoying Mom and Dad's weekends with our children.


♥ Tony & Wife ♥

My wife and I got married the same year I transferred to OSU, and our first apartment together was in Corvallis. For the next 3 years, she worked and paid my way through college (with a little help from my folks)! This year we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary, I love her so much!!

♥ Matthew & Heidi ♥

Matthew & HeidiWe met in the kitchen of the south town home I shared with two roommates from Oregon State. She was wearing a pink sweater and tight black jeans.She had a playful smile and two different colored eyes — one blue, one green. Absolutely stunning. And, alas, absolutely off limits. But we flirted, a bit, as she waited for my roommate to get ready for their date. And over the next few weeks we may have flirted a bit more. Just a bit — nothing more. And then, one Thursday, it happened: My roommate came home to say that they'd broken up. "It just wasn't working between us," he said. My heart soared — then sank. Surely, I couldn't just step in where he'd stepped out. That wouldn't be right. But a few weeks later, the new semester began. And as luck would have it, we had an astronomy class together. Yup — an astronomy class. We studied a lot together. And one night as we watched the Big Dipper spin around the sky, I realized I loved her. A few days later, I moved into a new place. Six months later we were engaged. Nine months after that we were married. And 10 years later, we're still in love. And my former roommate? He didn't come to the wedding. As it turns out, he was a bit busy — he got married on the same day. It must have been in the stars.


♥ Kelsey & Andrew ♥

Kelsey & AndrewIn 1999, just a few weeks before school was to start, I was having a particularly bad night. I was looking for one of my best friends so I could talk and it turned out she was next door meeting our new neighbors. I ran over there to find her and while she was talking to me, one of the guys came outside. She introduced Andrew and I and then excused herself. It was slightly awkward at first, seeing as how my mood wasn't the greatest... but he kept on talking and we ended up have a great time getting to know each other. Over the next couple of months, our households spent a lot of time together - which allowed Andrew and I the opportunity to get to know each other more and we eventually started dating. Valentines Day was approaching, and since we were not serious, I did not plan on spening the day with him. A good friend and I cooked a wonderful dinner that I assumed was for the two of us. The next thing I know, Andrew walked through the door with one of his roommates. Apparently, my friend had invited the boys over to join us. Over the next week, Andrew and I talked more about a possible future and decided that we wanted to see where things would go. So, while we would celebrate our anniversary on Valentines day, February 21st, 2001 became our official date. We spent the next couple years enjoying each other's company. In 2003, he graduated and moved to Los Angeles. We were bound and determined to keep our relationship going and after a long, lonely year - I finally graduated and joined him in Los Angeles. About a year later, we moved back to the Portland area and shortly thereafter, Andrew proposed. We were married in Jantzen Beach, OR on July 7th, 2006 in front of 250 close family and friends - including many of our close friends from Oregon State. We welcomed our first child, a little boy, in March 2009 and he is already a Beaver Believer! Oregon State University provided us the setting we needed to make both of our dreams come true... our lives, our love and our family. We look forward to the day that our son (and any future children) will attend OSU and can only hope that he meets the love of his life there as well.


♥ Megan & Husband ♥

I met my husband for the first time at the end of my Freshman year at his fraternity house. It was a small gathering and we talked for three hours straight. He helped me dis-entangle my car from the parallel mess of parking and I went home. I'd visit my friend in the house once in a while and always ask about the guy I met that night. The next time we met I was a junior and getting ready to leave on my dream study abroad in Greece. We chatted for a few minutes and I said "you had potential!", having figured he'd gone off and become unavailable. Three weeks later he called. He visited me in Greece while I was there and met my family when I came home at Christmas. We've been together ever since and it has been the greatest 8 years! Thanks OSU for bringing us together!


♥ Lyndie & Husband ♥

We met at Clodfelter's one Friday night and had an instant connection. We spent the next two months "accidentally" bumping into each other in the library and out celebrating after football games. 8 years later, we are married with two kids and go to football games together now!!


♥ Shelby & Jeff ♥

Shelby & JeffJeff and I met early in 2004, during spring term of his freshman (my sophomore) year. We were introduced by a mutual friend during a roomie lunch in the MU between class, and discovered we were both enrolled in HDFS 240 - Human Sexuality (the irony of this doesn't escape us). A slow progression of waves in class and short homework chatter lead to walks back to our dorms and discovering we both lived on the southside (Bloss and Halsell). We developed a friendship that began to grow just as the term ended. Jeff is from Las Vegas originally, and moved back for a month that summer. I sent him off with a sealed envelope containing a letter about my "feelings" and left it at that until he came back in the fall. Not long after he returned we started dating. Fast forward four years and a half years (skipping over a couple break ups, some fights, and the ultimate decision that we'd be together forever) Jeff asked me to marry him, and we've been married now for almost 2 years. What makes this story *especially* special is that we're both avid sports fans and initially bonded over our shared love of OSU Athletic events. Jeff played football, and I was an intern in the athletic department through our entire relationship. Beaver games of all types have a special meaning for us, whether cheering on the football squad or hanging around Gill for basketball, we've always done these things together. OSU will always have a special place in my heart. It brought me my best friends, my husband, and my future. Go Beavs!

♥ Trista & Husband ♥

Trista & HusbandI met the man of my dreams as an undergrad at Oregon State University in 2006, and low and behold, six years later, we are married and couldn't be happier!! We actually met for the first time in 2004, when I was a freshman. I wanted to learn how to scuba dive, as my major was biology with the marine biology option, and the Oregon State University Scuba Program was perfect! I was an Open Water student then, and he was still a Divemaster, helping out with the classes. He seemed nice, but we were just acquaintances, and I mainly remembered him as the French guy that taught Scuba! We went our separate ways, I went to another college in 2005, and he stayed at OSU and was working on getting his masters. Fast forward to 2006, when I came back to Oregon State, and of course I was itching to take more Scuba classes! Winter term I took the Rescue class, and was contemplating taking the Divemaster class in the spring. I decided to go for it, and by this time Max, the incredibly handsome French diver, was an Instructor and was helping teach the Divemasters the ropes. Thank God I decided to take that Divemaster class! As a Divemaster Candidate, before you earn your Divemaster, we would all go up to Hoodsport, WA, with the Open Water and Advanced Open Water classes and help out. All the students would usually load up in rental vans and head up to Washington, with instructors or divemasters at the wheel. I remember the first time going up to Hoodsport and knowing no one, so I spotted Max and asked if I could ride with him since I remembered him from when I was a student in 2004. He said sure, and I hopped in his van and we took off. That trip we talked the whole way up to Washington, found out we share a LOT in common, and were pretty much inseparable the entire time! I remember not wanting the weekend to end because we had so much fun together. After the trip was over, we both established we really liked UFC fights, and we had planned on watching an epic fight together a couple weeks down the road. The night before, he invited me to his place, made dinner for me, and we watched re-runs of fights to get ready for the big night. Well we ended up getting together that night, and I don't even think we ended up watching the epic fight the next day because we were too excited about each other! After getting together, we taught scuba at the Oregon State University Scuba Program for a couple more years, him as an Instructor and me as a Divemaster. We had some really good times teaching, and loved working together. After graduating, I got a job at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and he stayed at OSU for another year to finish up his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. After he graduated (and a year of long distance!), he moved down with me to Monterey, and we got married in San Francisco April 2, 2009. Of course, that was the happiest day of my life to be my Max's wife! Since then we have moved around a bit and are now in San Diego, and more in love with each other now than when we first got together six years ago! Thank you so very much, Oregon State University, not only for giving me an excellent education, but also for giving me the love of my life, my wonderful husband! If it hadn't been for OSU and its Scuba program, we might have never even met!!


♥ Caitlin & Adam ♥

Caitlin & AdamIn 2005, I moved from Denver to Corvallis in pursuit of a new adventure as I began my college career. Little did I know that the best part of my four year adventure would be meeting the man I plan to marry this September. I met Adam in a business class my junior year and must admit it was not love at first sight. We were randomly chosen by our professor to work together in a term long group project and I had mixed feelings about his working style. I can attest that first impressions do not always ring true – what I first perceived as tributes that might make this group project a headache turned out to be all the things I find myself loving about this man – his carefree attitude towards life lifts me up when I am overwhelmed, his ability to, without fail, make things happen even at the last minute, allows me to trust that everything will work out the way it is meant to, and his occasional childish personality makes me laugh on a daily basis, even on the most stressful days. As Adam and I began to get to know each other through the last two years of our time as OSU students, we realized that our whole life we were closer to each other than we thought – my aunt and his family live only 10 minutes from each other in Vancouver, WA. The place that he lovingly calls home and the place I loved to visit every summer with my family were one in the same. While I am still states away from my family in Colorado, OSU has provided me the opportunity to fall in love and develop not only a second family in my future in-laws but a forever connection to this campus. I consider myself lucky to be an OSU alumna, allowing me to meet and marry the man that greatly enriches my life on a daily basis and who will forever be my best friend.


♥ Kaitlyn & Andy ♥

Kaitlyn & AndyAndy and I met in the OSU marching band. Since he played sousaphone (tuba) and I played the flute, we would normally have no reasons for interacting. For one of the halftime shows, our positions on the field ended up right next to each other. From practicing that section of the show repeatedly, we ended up chatting quite a bit during practice. I had a boyfriend at the time, so that was where things stayed for the duration of the season. About a year later, Andy had graduated and I was a senior. Andy took a position teaching in South Korea, and I decided to check in with him and chat online. I was no longer with my boyfriend from a year prior, and we eventually admitted to having feelings for each other. We began talking in some form almost everyday (thank goodness for skype!). When Andy came back to the US, he moved to Corvallis to be near me. Two years later we still live in Corvallis, love each other, and love OSU! Go Beavs!


♥ Erin & Fiance ♥

Erin & FianceMy fiance and I were both Fisheries and Wildlife majors, and we shared a lot of common friends. We probably passed each other many times in the student lounge of Nash Hall without ever realizing it. We finally met on December 3rd, 2010. My sister-in-law and one of her friends from the department thought he and I would be perfect together and simply had to meet. They told me all about him and arranged a get together with all of our mutual friends, so it wouldn't seem like a set up (they didn't tell him anything, thought he wouldn't come if they had). It almost didn't happen though! He was singing in the Christmas concert with the Meistersingers and had a rehearsal that evening. He originally planned to just go home, but changed his mind at the last minute... and so we met. We spent many afternoons during Winter 2011 playing card games upstairs in the Memorial Union building, taking walks around campus, and attempting to study in the library together. On November 26th, we became engaged. He proposed to me while riding the little train one evening at Zoo Lights in Portland. In August 2012 we'll be saying I do and starting our new life together!


♥ Cassie & ? ♥

Cassie & ?My freshman year at OSU I was always chatting with other students through a file sharing website, and one night the boys on the other end got the nerve to invite my roommate and I to go out with them on Pi day (3/14) to get some Pie. Initially we were going to go but got lazy later and decided not to. However, a girl shows up at our door and convinces us to go with her and the boys. We figured we would go and at least get a nice dessert. As we stand in the waiting area for a table we meet some of the guys and talk, but there is one guy sitting on the benches, his face just out of sight. He was the infamous creator of the file share sight and we were both in awe that our new friends knew him. A little while later we get a seat and this infamous man is sitting across the table from me. I didn't think much of him at first except that he kept looking my way and he had really pretty eyes. The dessert adventure ended not long after and we all parted ways. Later that week I get a private message request on the share site and its the Infamous creator. He wanted to know more about me. we got to talking and he eventually asked me out. Unfortunately it was around finals week so I was REALLY busy. We wound up doing a quick lunch date. Two days later I was off to Portland for the break and then off to seaside. However he couldn't wait a week to see me again so he arranged to make his way out to seaside and spend a day with me. He braved the sudden snow and ice in the passes to come and see me. Nearly four years later, thanks to that girl convincing me to go get pie, we are still together, madly in love, and I am anxiously waiting for that little black box. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with the Infamous Creator that was so mysterious to me all those years ago.

♥ Alyssa & Fiance ♥

Alyssa & FianceThere was a mutual attraction between my Chemistry TA and I. This was the first term I was taking classes at OSU. (Summer of 2009) We exchanged phone numbers after class concluded and started dating. Two and a half years later we are happily engaged and headed down the aisle next year. Thanks OSU!


♥ Todayah & Husband ♥

My husband and I have been married 11 amazing years. The first time we saw each other, we didn't get a chance to speak but we made eye contact...7 years later we were formally introduced. He kissed my hand and one week later got a job where I worked so se could get to know each other. We were married on the Winter solstice to represent transformation and new beginnings. As soulmates, we continue to plan our future endeavors and my education at OSU will be instrumental in helping us accomplish our family, volunteer, and eco-restoration goals.--Todayah Iset Ixchel Sevilla-Bazan- Todayah  & Husband